I’m done being the subject of your anger,
I kept quiet for so long because I thought
What didn’t kill me would make me stronger.

Everything you’ve thrown at me I’ve taken
But darling, you snapped my last string
You pushed me, and I’m finally broken.

I’m gonna pick up my pieces and get up again
You don’t matter enough for me to stay down.
Your efforts to send me spiraling back will be in vain.

I won’t try to make peace anymore,
If you hate me, stay as far away as you can
Because I will not stay silent like before.



Don’t fashion me into a damsel
That needs saving from a dragon;
I am the dragon
And I will swallow you whole.


We walk towards each other, one looking into the other’s eyes. Exciting, weird and hilarious memories surface in my mind; I try brushing them aside in vain. I force myself to smile at her, and this is welcomed with nothing but a cold stare. She walks past me. Time spent together, joy and sorrow shared were now long forgotten. The tears flowing down my cheeks go unnoticed and I wipe them off.

What I am.

I sing songs out so loud that people around me ask me to stop. I sing to myself, and grin without any reason; people think I’m mad. I resort to writing my mind out, with nothing but my own company; people call me a loner. Alone in my room, I play songs that get me doing all sorts of jigs. I dance to my own rhythm; my mom thinks I’ve gone crazy and asks me to stop.

But deep down, I know that I’m having the time of my life and this is what I am.

Black and White

Charming fields and mountains,
Pleasing plains and valleys;
Mesmerisingly designed monuments.

A government clogged with corruptions and transgressions,
Woman’s security a question mark;
Poverty reigning over people’s lives.

All of these prevail in India,
As the two sides of the very same coin-where
The infallible positives are the white,
And the ineffable negatives the black.

The War

Her face was sweating. Her clothes were drenched with sweat and clung on to her lean frame as she ran from her pursuers. As she ran through the swampy jungle, she slashed away at the plants that obscured the view of her path. Her clumsily chopped short black hair was plastered to her forehead and neck. Just a few more yards and she’d either have escaped from her enemy or would have to die at their hands. Seven yards, six… five… four… three, but no. Fate had other ideas. She tripped over a creeper and fell face first into the slushy mud. She turned over and realised that her ankle was broken, probably beyond repair. She could feel warm blood oozing out of a wound on her calf, but she had no idea when that had happened. Death was imminent, and she knew it’d be ruthless too. What else do you get for killing off half their population? A medal?

She watched, terrified, as her Satan pulled out his weapon, a long spear with a very sharp head that glistened in the afternoon sun with the green tint of some deadly poison which would make sure she experienced excruciating pain before she died. He raised the spear slowly and brought it down with such brutal force on her abdomen that the blow should’ve split her in two, but-


Alex switched off the gaming console, annoyed at having been beaten by the system twice in a row at a game she was really good at. She walked over to the kitchen counter, and got herself a bag of chips. She sat on the couch, and slicking back a strand of hair that’d come out of her messy bun, settled down for a binge of her favourite TV series, The War Of the Worlds.