Author: akshayarajesh1411

Someone trying her best to make a place in the world, and to make her pen take the world by storm.

Let them be.

It is but a fact that every human ever has walked down a school hallway, cowering in the shadows, hoping to not be seen, sometime or the other. pretty sad, yes? Depressing, yet true at some level. Despite having been there at some point of time, we move out of that “phase” and then eventually become the reason why it happens. From victim to bully. And the vicious cycle goes on.

We almost never realise that we are bullying or hurting someone when we are. Verbal wounds inflicted repeatedly on one can take a long time to heal. Listen to Max Erhmann when he says:

“You are a child of the universe,

no less than the trees and the stars;

you have a right to be here.”

Surprise surprise, he’s right! After all, what possible pleasure could be greater than that attained when you make someone else’s life better, rather than miserable?  And you know you’re winning when you’re standing up for yourself, and eventually, for others.

Everyone belongs, so let them be.



As days of looking into the mirror
   rolled into years;
The twin glaring back at you-
   was never good enough, a stranger.

The mould too strict for you-
   too fat, too thin, too basic to fit.
Sulking for hours on end offer
   no solace till you realise.

It took you this long, darling to see
   that the mould, in fact is mind's play.
For beauty is that which flows  
   from flawed perfection.

Love yourself.


Fate- The inevitable.

In the barren lands of Lispindrod,

There lived a shrunken man.

All he wore was a tattered sheet-

And adorning his head was a fedora.


The sands stretched out in every way,

The heat beat down, night and day.


The shrunken man would prophesize

The fate of the whole wide world.

Not once, not twice, but every last time

They did come true- his words.


Said he once, in his raspy voice,

“In the land of green,

With the jealous queen

The regicide reigns and prowls.

Save his mind alone, no other force-

Can save the ruler’s crown.”


Millions and millions of miles away,

A beheaded king fell;

The ground bled royal blood-

And a young soul was damned to hell.


The fates smiled, pleased at the work

Their blessed child had done.



It’s the best feeling ever. It’s how you feel when a baby wraps its tiny, tender fingers around your pinkie. It’s like the feel you get when you’re in your loved one’s arms. It’s fuzzy, it’s great, and it’s intoxicating. It’s infectiously good. Hours or days or years could’ve passed, but it doesn’t matter. When I’m doing what I love doing, nothing else matters. It’s like I can remake myself, in a new way every  other time. It’s a rebirth.

That’s how I feel when I write.

Blank Space.

They thought I could deal with it, that I could bear the pain. But no, the impact was too much to take in.

Looking into his eyes that were as dark as a moonless night, I searched. I searched the depths of those stony eyes for some flicker of movement, of recognition. Hoping against hope, I tried screaming at him, shaking him. Anything and everything that’d wake him up from the trance that he seemed to be in.

His eyelids drooped, veiling the eyes that had never failed crinkled at the edges with that big, warm smile on seeing me- now close shut forever. His loving arms that were my only safe haven, my asylum during my tough days, were ripped away from me. For the last time.

And now, in my life, is this blank space which shall never fade or be filled.

I miss you.



We walk towards each other, one looking into the other’s eyes. Exciting, weird and hilarious memories surface in my mind; I try brushing them aside in vain. I force myself to smile at her, and this is welcomed with nothing but a cold stare. She walks past me. Time spent together, joy and sorrow shared were now long forgotten. The tears flowing down my cheeks go unnoticed and I wipe them off.