Month: August 2015


We walk towards each other, one looking into the other’s eyes. Exciting, weird and hilarious memories surface in my mind; I try brushing them aside in vain. I force myself to smile at her, and this is welcomed with nothing but a cold stare. She walks past me. Time spent together, joy and sorrow shared were now long forgotten. The tears flowing down my cheeks go unnoticed and I wipe them off.


What I am.

I sing songs out so loud that people around me ask me to stop. I sing to myself, and grin without any reason; people think I’m mad. I resort to writing my mind out, with nothing but my own company; people call me a loner. Alone in my room, I play songs that get me doing all sorts of jigs. I dance to my own rhythm; my mom thinks I’ve gone crazy and asks me to stop.

But deep down, I know that I’m having the time of my life and this is what I am.